Brain and Memory Points

For Headaches, Better Memory,
Balancing Brain Chemistry & Recovery from Injuries

First, gently hold GB 20, the Gates of Consciousness points,

(located under the base of the skull)

for about a minute, breathing slowly and easily.

Then hold both of these Central Points at the same time:

2GV 26, the Center of the Person point (above the upper lip)
with GV 16, the Wind Mansion point (in the center of the base of the skull).
Use gentle touch for about a minute.


GV 16 relieves mental stress, neck pain, and racing thoughts and helps relieve trauma and shock.

Next, follow up with 5 minutes of Foot Reflexology, by rubbing your feet from ankles to toes, on both the top and bottom.

Always end with the famous Final Balancing Formula
Hold GV 20, the Hundred Meeting point, on the crown of the head, with GV 24.5, the Third Eye point, located between your eyebrows, for about a minute.

Then move your hand down from your Third Eye point and hold CV 17, the Sea of Tranquility point.

Please do not under-estimate how much healing can result from this simple
flow pattern for stabilizing yourself after injuries or a trauma.

You can also add the famous Hoku point (LI 4), in the webbing between
your thumb and index finger. This point brings the energy down the body,
away from the head, and decreases inflammation.

It’s essential to keep your sessions short in the beginning (15 minutes total), especially for trauma and injuries. Later you can gradually increase the amount of time a few minutes more each week.

To get a good overview of Acupressure, read the article called Acupressure Points. You will learn the basics of what Acupressure is and how to hold the points.

Visit my facebook page for many videos, illustrations, and photos. Acupressure is easy to learn and use!

I am excited to share this Acupressure information with you
and hope you find it practical and useful.

With healing wishes,

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.
Acupressure Therapy Author

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