Attract What You Want: A Point for Goals, Creativity & Focus

Whenever you want to make a new start for a better life, Acupressure can help you. We often do this with New Year’s resolutions for the coming year, but we can renew our energy any time throughout the year.

Having goals can empower you to make changes and move ahead. I want to share GV 26, an Acupressure point you can use to be more focused and creative, to think more positively, and to help center and ground your aspirations.

I was so depressed in high school. My mother was concerned about it, and told me, “You can have anything you want in your life — but you need to know what you want in order to get it.” I was blessed to have that wisdom, clarity, and support.

I’d like to give you guidance to get in touch with what you want in your life. When you are ready, sit down with your journal, or pen and paper, or a new document on your computer. Start by asking yourself:

— What do I want for my next step forward?
— How do I want to shift my life?
— What do I want to focus on, resolve, complete, or accomplish?

If you have difficulty answering these questions, or if you find it hard to focus on what you want, then I have an Acupressure point that is a resource for you. It’s GV 26, the Center of the Person point.

How to use GV 26: Breathe deeply through your nose as you firmly press this point for a minute or two, and ask yourself the questions above. Point GV 26 can ground you to explore what’s important, inspiring, and vital for your life — to know what’s right for you.

GV 26, the “Center of the Person” Point

The location of GV 26 is between your upper lip and nose, on the center midline of your body. Press this Center of the Person point firmly enough to press into your upper gum. This can enable you to concentrate and feel more centered and focused.

This is an energy revival point, which calms and restores the spirit after a traumatic experience. It’s a potent point for mental health because it relieves depression, revives consciousness, and improves morale.

A Spiritual Value: This Acupressure point clears your mind, enabling you to think more positively. When you treat yourself more positively, it makes a huge difference in your daily life. In addition to using this point, train yourself to think in a positive way. What you focus on, you attract in your life, so affirm the worth of yourself and others.

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With healing wishes,
Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

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