Ankle Sprain Acupressure Points for Healing Ankle Pain, Ankle Stiffness, Sciatica, Top of Foot Pain, and Swollen Ankles*

I have successfully used Acupressure Points (GB 40) on my own body and many others for relieving ankle pain, stiffness, ankle sprains, and swelling. These Acupressure points, on both ankles, work like a charm.

I’m confident I can describe how you can get relief. If you read further and watch my YouTube clip on relieving an ankle sprain. I’ll give you the details necessary for getting good results.

GB 40: Good for relieving ankle sprains, sciatica, irritability, stiffness, swollen ankles, and pain on the top of the foot

I’ve gotten great results from using GB 40 on the same side that‘s injured, hurts, or is weak. If you damaged or broke your ankle, or your ankle is weak, painful or extremely fragile – then only use light touch on this Acupressure point. If the light touch is too painful, due to the trauma or injury, press into GB 40 on the opposite side – until your body can handle light pressure on the side of your ankle that hurts.

Acupressure Points GB 40 are located in the large hollow directly in front of the outer anklebone. This point relieves ankle problems, sprains, swelling, sciatic pain, and improves the health of your ankle joint. These acupressure points are also good for relieving sciatica, irritability, frustration, and difficulty in making good, wise decisions.

How to Apply Pressure: Hold GB 40 for five to ten minutes, alternating every sixty seconds or so between light and firm pressure gradually. At the end of holding the point, use light touch, without pressure for at least a minute, as you breathe deeply.

Acupressure Directions & Indications: To maximize the healing benefits in the ankle, hold GB 40 until you feel an even pulse at the point.  After using this point for a few days, if you find you’re getting a clearer or well defined pulsation at the point sooner, be encouraged to continue; you’re getting the healing energy to flow through the ankle joint.


* Ankle pain, ankle stiffness, ankle sprains, and swollen ankles are common complaints among people with previous injuries, overweight conditions, and athletes.

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