An Easy Technique to Reduce Stress & Promote Mental Clarity

Here’s a very easy and effective Acupressure Therapy technique that you can use to calm your thoughts and improve concentration. It also decreases stress and its mental effects, such as confusion, racing thoughts, lack of focus, and even headaches.

This 2-minute video shows you how to find and stimulate a potent point, the Third Eye (GV 24.5), located between your eyebrows. Practice this simple self-healing routine for 1 to 2 minutes to promote good mental functioning and reduce stress. You can do the exercise two to three times a day, in order to obtain remarkable therapeutic health benefits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve had a neck injury, cervical problem, or are on medication, please be sure to make your head movements smaller and slower, and do them more gently and more carefully.

Watch this video to learn a new technique for self-care. Follow along with the exercise, and enjoy the calmness that results.


For best results, put your full attention on where you are touching between your eyebrows, as you breathe slowly and deeply. Practice this Acupressure technique several times daily for at least 3 months to discover its full benefits. You can learn to feel better naturally, without drugs or side effects.


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