Acupressure Stress Management

Stress can strangle your life. I know, I grew up in Los Angeles, one of the most stressful cities in the United States.  I developed a strong interest in learning how to deal with everyday stress, as I witnessed L.A. grow from a large town in the 1950’s to what high powered stressful living is like now.  Growing-up seeing more and more stresses in people’s lives – inspired me to develop effective self-care methods to relieve tension and counteract stress.

Stress makes most problems worse – especially health problems. Over 80% of our most common complaints is caused or worsened by stress.  Acupressure points can resolve hundreds of stress syndromes; problems that millions suffer from.

Acupressure points are not only the key places where our tension and stress accumulate – Acupressure points are also the most effective spots on the body to release stress and stress related problems.

My aspiration is to show you how to take care of yourself using easy self-help methods using acupressure points. I find that combining Acupressure point stimulation with a gentle stretches, positive affirmations, and slow, deep breathing heightens your own ability to relieve stress. My books and Acupressure DVDs present how to do stress management techniques using the most important acupressure points.

Stress Relief Point: K 27
There’s a great acupressure stress reduction point on your chest. K 27 in the hollow below the head of your collarbone, next to your breastbone.  This immune boosting Acupressure point is called Elegant Mansion. K 27 is effective for clearing stress, relieving chest congestion, and opening up the breathing passages – which is key for relieving stress.  You can hold this stress management point while you read or while you’re on the phone.

Tapping K 27
While taking deep breaths, try tapping these points on both sides at the same time.  Tapping activates the points, which makes the acupressure results occur faster and more dramatically.  This is why tapping acupressure points have grown so popular.  However, I have found that these fabulous results do not last as long as other Acupressure Therapy methods.  If you simply hold the point at various depths of pressure while you breathe deeply, you may find using this Acupressure point even more relaxing, and it opens your healing energy on a deeper level.

Holding K 27
I often hold this acupressure point throughout the day – using firm, steady pressure – which helps me breathe a lot deeper and thus get a handle on stresses in my life.  We all have stress in our lives, and most people know how draining stress can become. The intention is not to analyze your behavior and stressful issues, but instead learn how to counteract the stress – transforming your stress into usable healing energy.  By holding K 27 firmly on both sides while breathing deeply into the pressure being applied, you can cultivate the courage to face the causes of your stress, the obstacles in your life, or learn to rejuvenate yourself to move forward in a better way.

Acupressure Stress Management DVDs:

  • Acupressure Stress Relief – after just 30 minutes of following this guided self-healing program for easing headaches, shoulder and neck tensions, I believe you’ll be remarkably more relaxed. Easy to do and follow along in any chair.
  • Less Stress – I had a recent client with multiple stress related problems practice this 20 minute set of deep breathing exercises twice a day. For the first time since raising her five children, she is getting a handle on her life. Many of  her children are doing these simple exercises and acupressure techniques with her with great results.
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