Acupressure Self-Healing: Using the Power of Touch with Qi Gong

“I want every person to be able to discover the tremendous benefits of using acupressure points. Everyone deserves to know how to heal themselves & others. My quest is to make Acupressure combined with other forms of natural healing accessible to every household around the world.”

Now that I’ve turned 60, my goal is to teach acupressure to a million more people. Using my 40 years of experience doing acupressure, I spend hundreds of hours creating high quality, clear instructions in the articles and video clips I send out to you. My spiritual aspiration is to serve humanity through natural healing.

I am glad you want to learn more about acupressure. I appreciate the support you give me by telling your friends about my work. Together, we are making a difference for thousands.

I want you to know how to use my self-healing materials at home. The Self-Healing Pack guides you to use acupressure points with ancient Chinese breathing exercises.

Traditional Qi Gong Deep Breathing

I have found that combining acupressure with Qi Gong breathing exercises can stimulate your body’s natural self-curative abilities and create healing wonders. Practicing these easy traditional breathing exercises can make you feel so much better. This is the immediate benefit of using my fully guided DVD videos. Daily practice can give you all kinds of long-term, remarkable benefits for your health.

My question is – do you want to heal yourself naturally? It does takes daily practice, but I make it easy. My voice will guide you step-by-step in the videos. My Aunt told me that just listening to my soothing voice was healing. Click on this link – to get details about ordering my discounted Self-Healing Pack, combining Qi Gong breathing exercises, gentle stretches and self-massage with acupressure points.

Acupressure uses touch with purpose to communicate more than words can ever say. When you’re touched with trust and a clear intention in a heartfelt way, your body can receive what it needs, just like thirst is quenched by water. Touching the Acupressure points daily, results in greater healing, by opening the body’s energy pathways.

Have you ever been with a friend who talked endlessly, but in the end it didn’t change anything? Talking about your problems and having someone listen feels good, but it doesn’t lead to transformation unless the acupressure points are held. This opens the healing energy to flow, which awakens what’s been shut down – making resolution possible. Acupressure enables you to take a vital role in healing your past for wellness.

To make this healing affordable, I discounted my newest Acupressure book, two stress relief DVDs, and a fully guided CD. This will enable you to practice acupressure on yourself at home. My voice will guide you with proper deep breathing to do acupressure effectively.

Self-Healing Acupressure Pack

If you want to heal yourself – I urge you to get this discounted package (25% off). Here’s how to get more details and how to order the Self-Healing Pack.

In the Comments below, let me know if you have any questions about using this Pack. I offer you free ongoing support – by giving you personal guidance and by answering your questions while you are using the Self-Healing Pack. Just post your questions in the Comments section at the end of my blog articles.

You’ll be reading my answers to your questions as well as my answers to questions of others – connecting many of us as a community – to heal ourselves. I hope you see this as a real opportunity to uplift your life and the condition of your body. Having my ongoing guidance will enable you to feel better, and generate more healing energy. You can got more info about my discounted Self-Healing Pack by using this link:

Please share my invitation above, so more people can heal themselves and feel better.

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