Acupressure Points for Sleepiness, Drowsiness & Narcolepsy

Many people become sleepy at inappropriate times, like at school, while driving a car, or at work when you need to concentrate or you could loose your job. When you feel drowsy and need to be alert, acupressure along with Yogic breathing can stimulate your metabolism without drugs. My approach to counteract chronic fatigue and sleep disorders is holistic – using diet, exercise, breathing techniques and acupressure therapy.

One cause of narcolepsy and drowsiness is poor quality sleep. Acupressure points and techniques can enable you to actually Sleep Better. In this blog article I’ll give you essential details on how to use acupressure points with breathing techniques to balance your metabolism naturally.

Narcolepsy* & Drowsiness Acupressure Points Routine – use the following acupressure points and breathing techniques to balance your nervous system. You do not have to practice all six techniques; using one or two of them can be effective:

GV 26 Point for Alertness & Stability

GB 20 The Gates of Consciousness Points

1. Press CV 26 firmly: with swift inhalations
2. Press GB 20, under your skull, with three rapid successive inhalations.
3. Scratch GB 20 with your nails
4. Deep Breathing Exercise called Upholding Heaven
5. Briskly Rub your Lower Back (B 23 and B 47)
6. Rub St 36 for Rejuvenation

B 23 & B 47 “Sea of Vitality”

St 36 “Three Miles” Energy Points

For Relief & Prevention: These acupressure point techniques can be used to relieve narcolepsy and drowsiness. It’s vital to note that these methods can also be used to prevent drowsiness and narcoleptic occurrences. Acupuncture and Acupressure balances the brain’s neurotransmitters overall chemistry by stimulating therapeutic pressure points.

Daily Exercise especially aerobic exercise (20 minutes of lively dancing, swimming, running sports, and biking) is well known to help Narcolepsy. If these activities are difficult, a brisk walk once or twice a day can be very beneficial for counteracting drowsiness. Exercise or walking increases your body’s strength and improves your metabolism. Exercise releases hormones that promote overall energy and alertness.

Dietary Considerations: Your diet can enhance or hinder acupressure’s balancing process. Certain foods many be difficult for your system to metabolize and can contribute to narcolepsy. Avoid processed foods with sugar, white flour products, and excessively rich foods. Eat more fresh, healthy whole foods and especially more green vegetables, both raw and lightly cooked.

Recommended Healing Resources: To rejuvenate your energy, boost your immune system, develop greater vitality, and enable your body to have more healing energy – I recommend these materials:

Book: Greater Energy at your Fingertips
Chart: Greater Energy Chart: Presents 8 Wellness Acupressure Points
Increase Vitality: Self-Healing CD
Sleep Better: Self-Healing CD

*Narcolepsy ranges in severity. This sleep disorder occurs when your brain is unable to assimilate and regulate your body’s normal sleep cycle. Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (E.D.S.) is an overwhelming drowsiness, which occurs during the day-light hours.

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Narcolepsy & Drowsiness Video Clip

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