Acupressure Points – For Deepening Erotic Pleasure

Acupressure points can heighten lovemaking in many creative ways. Lovers can hold the points, kiss or suck them to awaken sexual energy, deepen pleasure, and cultivate sexual intimacy. I put my heart and soul into creating a fully illustrated book showing how to use acupressure points for enhancing a love relationship.



Acupressure for Lovers is part of ancient Chinese Sexology, which is integral within the Chinese culture. These life giving sexual practices have been used to heighten radiant health, strengthen fertility and sexual potency. The number of babies born in China is an example of its effectiveness. These highly erotic techniques were known to cultivate radiant health. This article describes how to hold an acupressure point on the bottom of your feet during lovemaking.

Erotic Techniques & Sexual Vibrancy: Ancient cultures discovered hundreds of highly erotic techniques for stimulating sexual energy for lovers. As Acupressure points release muscular tension, it opens energy and blood to flow freely. As blood circulation increases, nutrients can nourish more areas of the body. This can heighten a person’s sensuality and provide a greater sense of sexual responsiveness and vibrancy.



Bubbling Spring Point: On the center of the sole of the foot, at the base of the ball of the foot, between the pads is the

K 1 Acupressure for Lovers

Bubbling Spring acupressure point (K1). This is a powerful point to hold with your thumbs during oral sex.

Directions for Lovers: Here’s how to hold Bubbling Spring (K 1) with your partner on his or her back, legs apart with the knees bent. Kneel between his or her legs. Place the palms of your hands on the outsides of your partner’s feet, using your thumbs to press K 1 on the center of the sole of the foot. Slowly bring your head down toward the genitals to give your lover an erotic experience.

For more graphic photos showing these positions, get my book and look on pages 159 and 253. Holding the Bubbling Spring point awakens sexual energy, while providing a full body connection, and can add greater playfulness in your sexual relationship.


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