Acupressure Pain Relief: Headaches to Arthritis and More

My illustrated self-care book, Acupressure Pain Relief, is now available both in a print version and as an e-book. Learn how to ease Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, headaches, sciatica, and pain in the back, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, knee, hip, foot, and ankle.

When I first began studying Acupressure over 40 years ago, I was fortunate to learn a very simple method to relieve pain using Acupressure points. The method is so simple and easy that I am afraid that many people won’t give it enough time or patience to see it work.

This pain relief method does require you to know the location of the Acupressure points. Here’s a step-by-step description of the most effective Acupressure method to relieve pain that I have found in my many years practice:

1. Slowly apply pressure to the point until it feels like you are connecting with the pain that you want to relieve.
2. Gradually change the angle of the finger pressure to connect with the pain. Explore which angle is more powerful for connecting with the pain, and then hold the point steadily for about three minutes.
3. Work on the meridian that goes through the pain, to enable the energy to flow. Hold at least two points at once using both your hands on the same meridian. One hand anchors on or close to the pain, while your other holds points on that meridian away from the pain.
4. Breathe slowly and deeply as you hold each point along the meridian.

Millions of people suffer from different kinds of pain. By using these simple steps above, holding each point for about 3 minutes while breathing deeply, opens the endorphins, your body’s neuro-chemicals that are known to relieve pain naturally. This is good for relieving pain in the joints as well as muscular aches and nerve pain.

The Acupressure Pain Relief book shows you how to hold and press these points to relieve pain using 400 illustrations. The book also contains pain reducing dietary considerations.

Other resources for you to explore include the Pain Relief pages under Acupressure Benefits, which includes a helpful video, and under Articles, which has three sample pages from the Acupressure Pain Relief book.

I am often asked how I developed this Pain Relief program. After years of studying and practicing a wide range of holistic health methods, I created this Self‐Acupressure system. My experience using Acupressure for over forty years has shown that combining key Acupressure points with gentle stretches, movements, and deep breathing results in pain relief.

Most people experience some relief fairly quickly, once they learn to do these techniques properly. However, people with a history of chronic pain usually have waves of progress, as well as setbacks. Please do not expect an immediate cure. From my clinical experience, I have found that people with chronic pain must consistently practice the methods in Acupressure Pain Relief on the average of three times a day to achieve long‐term benefits. It takes work to relieve pain naturally, without drugs, but it’s worth the effort.

I encourage you to practice these techniques daily to discover the benefits.

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

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