Acupressure for Relieving Stress & Calming Anxiety

Learn how to use an Acupressure Point to Deepen your Breath,
Relieve Anxiety, Stress and Promote deep Emotional Healing

Many people are faced with tremendous stress, unhealed hurt from relationships, and personal strife. All these pressures around us affect the collective consciousness that needs healing.

How do you really feel about stresses in your personal life and in the world?  Most people numb their pain or are stuck in some kind of survival mode – breathing shallowly.

I am writing to give you an opportunity thru acupressure and an easy self-healing practice to relieve anxiety. Using this acupressure point can clear and transform negative emotions, deepen your breathing, and open your heart.


Try the following Acupressure breathing movement meditation which is in the instructional video clip below for a few weeks, to discover the benefits.

Point Location: CV 17, a great emotional balancing point, is four finger widths up from the base of your breastbone, in the center of your chest. Use your fingertips to slowly rub up and down in the center of your breastbone to feel for an indentation, between the nipples on a man.


For Self-Healing place your palms together, your fingers pointing upward, and with the back knuckles of your thumbs pressing into the center of your breastbone to hold CV 17, known as the Sea of Tranquility point. With your spine straight, focus on breathing slowly and deeply into this emotional healing acupressure point to nurture your heart.

Directions: Keep your hands in prayer position with your spine straight, supported by a straight back chair.  Close your eyes gently. Inhale, as your head slightly comes upward. Exhale slowly as your head relaxes downward.

Continue this healing movement breathing meditation for two or three minutes to discover the benefits. You can also hold CV 17 with your fingertips instead of being in prayer pose which will enable you to practice throughout the day to calm any anxiety you may have and counteract problems caused or worsened by stress in your life.

A Healing Practice: You have to practice this exercise two or three times a day, with super slow, deep breathing to obtain the full benefits. It’s effective because we are combining acupressure, with an easy yoga posture and deep breathing, which changes your metabolism. Keep using this practice for a few months to see substantial health condition changes.

Benefits: Good for PTSD, chronic fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalances, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, anxiety attacks, trauma, fear, recovering from a injury or surgery and Fibromyalgia,

Share this with others – Once you experience the power of this self-healing practice, share it with others. Inspire yourself and others to practice as much as you want to feel better, restore your vital energy, and live a good life.

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