Acupressure for Fatigue, Exhaustion & Lower Backache Relief

FEELING TIRED & EXHAUSTED? Acupressure massage can relieve chronic fatigue by rubbing powerful lower back points briskly a few times a day. These points are known as the Sea of Vitality, so use them to increase yours!

This Self-Acupressure massage technique is effective for both aches and pains in the lower back, and they are also helpful for the exhaustion that so many people experience. In addition, the Sea of Vitality points will boost your immune system and strengthen your health.

These Sea of Vitality points are especially good for preventing lower back problems — not just relieving them — and they work to boost your vital energy and your immune system. They’re easy to learn and use, so share this practical tip with your family and friends! Everybody can benefit from the healing energy of Acupressure.

Acupressure Resources

Acupressure eBooks & eBooklets

For a workbook that teaches you eight powerful points, get the Wellness & Immune Boosting Acupressure Points eBooklet.

For more help with back pain, here’s the Bum Back Book download.

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