Acupressure for Digestion, Foot Cramps, and Cold Feet using Sp 4

I wrote this article and attached video to show you how to use Sp 4, one of the great healing foot acupressure points for increasing circulation and balancing your digestive system.  These foot acupressure points, on both sides of the arch, calms restlessness, balances food cravings, worry, overwhelm, and relieves anxiety, appetite imbalances, abdominal problems, indigestion, bloating, edema, varicosity, PMS, menstrual cramps, foot cramps, and cold feet. Use Sp 4 if you have one or more of these complaints.

Click on the image above or on the next link to learn how to find and use these acupressure points.

Sp 4, known as the “Grandparent – Grandchild” point, is good for balancing hypoglycemia, inhibits the herpes virus, and energetically harmonizes the stomach, spleen and pancreas. Sp 4 transforms dampness (for counteracting edema), and invigorates digestion. This is also an excellent point for curtailing food cravings.

Location: Sp 4 is in the upper arch of the foot, one thumb-width from the ball of the foot.

How to Press: I usually use my thumb to press this acupressure point. Or you can tape an almond, kidney or lima bean on your Sp 4 acupressure points, on both sides. Then cover it with a sock when wearing shoes.

Instruction Details: Slowly build up the time you wear the beans on both sides within your shoes. (Just don’t let them tell you – you’re full of beans!) You might wear the taped bean or almond on the point for an hour or so to start. After a week, you can wear it for two hours. After another week, build up to about three hours and so on – gradually increasing the amount of time you stimulate these acupressure points.

Use this point for prevention as well as for relief of the array of symptoms above. That is what’s so exciting about using acupressure points; they are safe, prevent thousands of health disorders without side effects, and are so accessible.

Acupressure Point Formulas: I want you to also realize — when you learn how to combine this point with other acupressure points, the results are even more powerful.  You’ll get point recipes and formulas based on the meridians and five elements in my acupressure booklets, which are part of the Home Study Pack.  If the pack is too much for you, I suggest just getting the Basic Booklet and the Intermediate & Advanced Booklets, which are both available to download directly into your computer, and not pay any shipping or handling fees.


Why Sp 4 Works: These acupressure points (Sp 4, on both sides) balance the earth element – so you can feel grounded and be more present on earth.  Sp 4 also harmonizes the Stomach and Spleen meridians, which govern digestion and your body’s ability to function in harmony and be well.

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