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The Bum Back Book Forward By Gail Monica Dubinsky, M.D.

Approximately 80% of all people are afflicted with significant back pain at least once during their lives. After heart conditions and arthritis, back problems are the third leading cause of limited physical activity and the most common cause of occupational disability, keeping seven million people a day off work in the U.S. In fact, up to one-third of all workers' compensation claims are for back pain or injuries incurred by or aggravated on the job.

Self Care:
The Essential Key to Optimum Health

It is my firm belief that everybody (physical condition permitting) should incorporate at least fifteen minutes of Acupressure and Yoga (Acu-Yoga stretching exercises into their daily routine, with a proper balance of spinal movement in all directions (as outlined in this book). In addition, everybody should be aware of and avoid whenever possible postural positions that are harmful to the back, particularly improper sitting, bending, and lifting. Applying these two preventive principles alone would alleviate a phenomenal number of backaches and pains and make any concurrent professional treatments more effective.

Judging from the number of patients I see in clinics and emergency rooms who have little or no concept of how they can help themselves by the simplest of stretches, exercises or relaxation techniques, the need for a book such as this is very great indeed.

What makes The Bum Back Book even more special is its orientation toward the ancient Eastern concepts of health maintenance. Now more than ever, the philosophies and practices of Asia healing are being studied and applied in the United States and other Western nations, just as Western techniques are being utilized by and adapted to modern Chinese and Japanese health care systems.

Although so far it has been difficult to "prove" by "scientific" means why Acupressure and Shiatsu health maintenance are so effective for relieving pain and tension, everybody can experience the health benefits of the power of touch.

The basic exercises, Acupressure points, principles and techniques, as outlined in the following pages, can be easily learned and applied by anyone interested in furthering the well-being of themselves, their friends, and their family. Using these practical tools in your daily life will not only help relieve your back problems, but also increase your possibility of achieving optimum health.

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