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Meridians, Five Elements & Assessment Forms
A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Workbook

Item # EB-114
$7.95    Item B114 Buy Paper Booklet   $8.95
Acupressure Meridian Therapy Workbook Contains:
  • Clear Meridian Illustrations
    • 50 large anatomical line drawings of 12 meridians
  • Acupressure Point Assessment Charts
    • Alarm Points - corresponding to the 12 meridians
    • Yu Points - a spinal acupressure points Chart showing which spinal points correspond to the 12 organ meridians through the Bladder Meridian.
  • Instructional Charts
    • Meridian 24-hour cycle graph
    • Meridian Official TCM Functions
    • Anatomical Arrangement of the Meridians
  • Charting the Pulses:
    • Meridian Pulse Positions
    • Reading Pulse Qualities
    • 5 Element Pulse Assessment Form
  • TCM Instructional Charts
    • Five Element Assessment Questions
    • Meridian Direction & Point Information
    • Traditional Chinese Face Reading
    • Meridians on the Back of the Neck
  • Acupressure Treatment Forms
    • Individual Assessment Form
    • Acupressure Procedures List
    • Acupressure/Shiatsu Write-Up Form
  • Counter Indications of Use
Sample pages:

Acupressure Point Flashcard #20 Gall Bladder 21

Acupressure Point Flashcard #20 Gall Bladder 21

Item # EB-114
$7.95    Item B114 Buy Paper Booklet   $8.95

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