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Acu-Face Lift
Item # EB-104
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Tension, stress and fatigue are main contributors to frown lines, creases, and wrinkles. They collect around acupressure points and eventually form an energy blockage, which inhibits proper circulation. Both breathing exercises and acupressure relax muscular tension and balance the vital life forces of the body.

Each Acupressure Face Lift technique naturally presses acupressure points and gently stretches the facial tissue, releasing tension so energy and blood can circulate freely.

Face Lift guidelines and suggestions include how to treat the skin when pressing the points, how to use your hands, the proper timing and the role of smiling and deep relaxation.

Learn to work on the temples, eyes, and bridge of the nose, lower eye ridge, bagging areas of the eyes, the sunburst lines, and 40 specific facial acupressure points. Also learn how to create a relaxing environment for practicing the Acupressure Face Lift for both personal and professional use.
Acupressure Face Lift Booklet
Page from the Acupressure Face Lift booklet

Page from the Acupressure Face Lift booklet

Item # EB-104
 $11.95   Item # B104  Buy Paper Booklet $12.95 

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