Do you know those knots between your shoulder blades? Those knots are blocked acupressure points; releasing them can bring healing energy to benefit your lungs and heart. These acupressure points can relieve hypertension and help balance your blood pressure. They can also be healing for heartaches, emotional pain, anxiety, depression, sadness, grief and emotional numbness. These upper back acupressure points also benefit the lungs, asthma, chest congestion, and relieve sleep disorders, which in traditional Chinese medicine is related to the heart, and can be healing for emotional wounds. Know anyone who could use these points? To get more details about how to release these acupressure points on yourself  

The easiest way to find these points, is to feel for muscular knots in your upper back, between your shoulder blades. Pressing gradually right on the tense spots, and holding for a minute or two minute while breathing slowly and deeply, can release them. The acupressure points are located directly underneath each knot. For best results, press these points 2 or 3 times a day, regularly for several weeks. Once you obtain some relief, continue to press them just once a day or every other day, for maintenance and prevention.

If you have any problems I mentioned above, try an Acupressure Therapist, Shiatsu Practitioner, Asian Bodywork Therapist, or an Acupuncturist. If you can’t find a practitioner, or can’t afford to pay, here’s another excellent choice – follow my directions below.

Self-Care: The problem for most of us is that these healing points are very difficult to reach. Thus, I suggest using a couple of tennis balls. Place two rubber balls in a sock, separated by a folded, dry sponge or wash cloth, so the balls are an inch or so apart. Tie the sock in a knot or with twist-ties, a little rope or string, so that the balls are firmly in place. Roll the balls up into a hand towel, making a large cylinder, like a burrito.

Lie down on your back on your bed, placing the tennis balls underneath you. If you need more pressure, then place these balls on a carpeted surface, placing the two balls underneath your upper back, between your shoulder blades. The sponge should be in the center on your spine, with a ball on each side for balance. Bend your knees with you feet flat on the bed or floor. Slowly roll the balls to different positions on your upper back. Breathe deeply with your eyes closed for a few minutes.

If your back pain flares up afterwards, you will need to place another plush folded towel or soft pillow between your back and the balls. You can gradually increase the length of time, as long as you deeply relax with your eyes closed immediately afterwards, for at least five minutes, covered with a sheet or blanket. Deep relaxation is key for healing yourself, especially after receiving Acupressure or Acupuncture. (Most people don’t know this.)

Be sure to relax two or three times more than the time you practiced. If you roll the balls over your back for five minutes, then deeply relax for ten to fifteen minutes. Continue to breathe deeply as you tell yourself to completely relax, imaging that each deep inhalation is giving your body the vital oxygen it needs to regain its strength, balance, and good health.



Hypertension, Insomnia & Emotional Healing Acupressure Points — 52 Comments

    • There are many acupressure points which govern the flow of sexual energy and tend to get blocked. These points are stimulated in full body hugs, wonderful exercises, and body positions for couples to share together in a good way. These wholesome activities can generate radiant health and greater aliveness in your love relationship. I wrote a book on this called “Acupressure for Lovers: The Secrets of Touch for Increasing Intimacy” on how to use these points to heighten intimacy and sexual pleasure with your partner with over 400 illustrations showing you how.


    Dr.H.K.Lakshman Rao Ph.D(Mgmt.),M.Phil (Statistics), M.Sc(Stat), M.A(D.Ed.),M.A(Pub.Adm),M.A(R.D) M.Sc(Psy), M.A(Econ, OR & SQC (ISI.),AMP (IIMA), DDE. SAS Cert. DCA, (Former Gen. Manager MFL & Prof. & Head Dept. Management CEC), Management, Corporate & Statistical Consultant & Six Sigma Faculty(GOI),“ANUGRAHA”, 33, Krishnapuri, R.A.Puram, Chennai – 600 028,

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  2. Sir,

    Yes Sir, Deep relaxation is a very effective tool in healing
    Lot of patience and practice required to reach the level of
    perfect relaxation

    Thanking you


    • I am so glad you understand the role that deep relaxation plays in healing the body, especially immediately after practicing Yoga or Acupressure.

    • Yes, the rolling tool you have is excellent for applying deep pressure to the back acupressure points. Always spend 5 minutes more, deeply relaxing after you use this back roller, to allow the healing energy to circulate and find a new balance within your body. This can be very healing.

  3. dear sir, my sister (aged 55 years) is suffering from arthritis pain in her knee. please advise me the acupressure points to get relief from knee pain. thanking you sir,
    meenakshisundaram, madurai, tamilnadu, india

    • There are many acupressure points that can help your sister. Start with warm compresses on the knees for 5 minutes, which sometimes is very helpful. Then, immediately place a small rubber tennis ball under the crease behind the knees that have the arthritic pain to press a series of good acupressure points, while you or she gently rubs both sides with the palms of your hands to create a heat from the friction. If there’s more pain on the inside of her leg gentle press Sp 9 for 2 or 3 minutes, which will be very sore. If the pain is on the outside of the knee, stimulate St 36. To actually see what I am telling you, go to my book Acupressure’s Potent Points (my Arthritis Pain Relief book is currently being updated) which would provide you with illustrations and photos and more techniques for relieving your sister’s knee pain. Please check it out if you can.

    • Dear Mr.M.Sundaram,

      For your sister`s problem, acupressure alone will not help. The degenerated tissues has to grow and lubricating fluid need to secrete. I am a Reflexologist , Varma kalai and Acupressure therapist. For total relief, we have herbal oil which need to be applied on the affected area, and cure is 95% success.
      Wish u all the best.

      John Andrews

  4. Hello Micheal and All. This is another wonderful post. I fractured a disc between my shoulder blades several years ago and now arthritis has set in. I was surprised how tense I was at these points but even more at how much better I feel after trying this. I have a general question. How if at all does temperature play in acuppresre? I purchased the “Sleep Better” CD, which I highly recommend to everyone. I take a hot bath w/ salts and work on my more bothersome points and then follow it up w/ the CD. Is heat helpful for the healing process or does it matter?
    Thank you! As always your posts are so full of hope and positive energy.
    ~ Debra

    • Heat is helpful for most people, but it depends on your condition and the climate you live in. After using heat, your body will let you know if its good for you by giving you some relief and making you feel relaxed. However, if you find the heat worsens your pain or symptoms, then of course stop using heat. If your body responses well to heat, pressure on the acupressure points will drive the heat further into your body, and the combination of two will be even more effective. I will include more examples of this in future blog posts here.

      The tension you experienced from using these points between your shoulder blades indicates that these points are blocked. Its a good sign that you felt much better. I am thrilled to hear that you highly recommend “Sleep Better,” one of my self-healing CDs. Keep using the tennis balls to press the points between your shoulder blades, since they are good for insomnia too.

  5. Dear Sir
    One of my friend’s wife was suffering from sciatica pain. When she got medical help, she was operated three times for the problem but failed. Now she is on a wheel chair for the last 13 years. When she move her body specially hip muscles or she try to stand, her legs locked in scissor like position. After sometime when her muscles relax, then her legs come back in normal position. Due to this problem she can not stand and walk. Sir my question is, Is there any acupressure points or trigger points which can be massaged to relieve this crossed lock legs position as she can be able to stand and can walk again.

  6. I broke my arm last week. An x-ray indicated that i broke the big bone of my left arm, not far from the joint between the palm, and the hand. Will you please show me the pressure point where i can heal my broken arm and relieve the pain I am receiving. Actually this place has such cold weather that it made it difficult for me to sleep. thank you

  7. Hi Michael
    As a practitioner I get sensitive to the fact that some clients maybe absorbing my energy leaving me sometimes feeling physically/emotionally drained. Are there ways or acupressure points that can be used to prepaare and protect yourself. I understood P-6 helped to protect yourself.
    Any help appreciated
    Thanks and regards
    Murray – UK

  8. Thank You Michael. I am glad to know this. I am a massage therapist and an energy worker in acupressure and auriculotherapy. I suffer from this type of intense tension and sensations of all these symptoms. I usually have to have a family member use their fists and drum on these points until I feel relief. I get instant relief. Your article affirmed why I get positive results when the rhomboids are locked up most likely from giving many massages. I am going to use this treatment of the acupoints for a few weeks before bedtime to see if I improve my insomnia and I will get back to you on the results. Once again. Thank You for a gratiting validation. Sincerely, Karen McDougall

  9. Hello Michael and All, I started to use the hip, lower back, and sciatica points that Michael refers to in his article after receiving it in one of my e-mails. The first time I tried it the pain was intense and shot down my leg and out my foot like lighting. I remember thinking that I must be crazy. But I am happy to report that I stayed with it and right now I have 4 tennis balls in place w/ my full body weight and there is not even a bit of pain, numbness, tingling or lighting. I too am faced w/ surgery on my back. Michael has given me hope. My heart and best wishes to all who suffer from pain.~ Debra

  10. Sir, thanks for this points for i was waiting for , however one Accupressure therapist suggested to stimulate points H 9 and P 5. for insomnia and pulpitation to my wife 59. Shall I go only the points mentioned as above. Thanks

    • Use both the acupressure points you mentioned AND the points I illustrated in this post for your wife. I hope you will also continue to see a medical doctor as well. I send healing wishes.

  11. My wife has been variously diagnosed as Dementia, Alzimers, Depression, Sleep apnia and PSP (some form of Parkinsons desease). Is there any treatment for these ailments? where could i find it in New Delhi- preferably Gurgaon (south of Delhi), if you are aware. Is there any society or association which keeps a record of the qualified persons of Acupressure or Acupunture?

    • I believe that gentle Acupressure can be helpful for your wife in many ways. Sometimes Acupressure works wonders, however I do not think its fair to expect that its going to “cure” her medical problems. In my next email to the 5,000 people who have subscribed, I am posting the AOBTA link, a professional Asian Body Work Therapy organization. Unfortunately, this organization has not reached India. However, I know there are many, many people practicing Acupressure in India although I do not know of a professional association there.

  12. Dear Michael,

    I do have my own method. A small bag, say 25 by 25 centimeters or more, out of canvas, halfway filled with chickpeas is a good relief, when putting it between the shoulders like a pad and lying down over it, say for 10 minutes. The rough surface of the chickpeas is a good stimulate. Also applying the same under the sacrum and at waist level too are good relief, for certain back problems.

    All the best,

    • I think this chickpea bag is an excellent acupressure tool, and every healer should have it in their bag of tricks! Thank you for sharing your simple, excellent self-acupressure device good for tight backs, and stiffness anywhere. I can’t wait to try it myself.

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  14. Dear Sir,

    I am glad to find this website. I went through some of the posts and happy to learn them.

    I am having sleeping disorder (especially at night) for months. I guess it is some kind of tension, anxiety and insomnia combined.

    I am getting Acupuncute training in class (just joined) and have learned several pressure points in the wrist and hands. I am trying them daily but unsuccessful.

    Currently (for the past 6 months) I am taking sleeping doses (English medicine) for sleep. That helps to a certian extent.

    I am a computer professional and fearing the consequences of sleeping dosage and knowing the importance of acupuncture have started practising it.

    I would like to know if there are more points specially to treat insomnia, tension, headache, nerve weakness/pain, anxiety, depression etc

    It would be great if you share the pictures (will be useful to know the exact location of points). Kindly share it to me.

    • Sleep Better: I have created an easy to do audio program for relieving sleep disorders and insomnia called Sleep Better. My voice makes the instructions clear and simple. There are 5 tracks to this program. First practice all the tracks. Find the program tracks that help you manage your sleep the most. For this to work, you will have to turn the Sleep Better program on and practice – daily. If you eat meat or are attracted to eating anything with salt, try to decrease these foods significantly. You have a choice of ordering this Sleep Better Program as a CD which can be shipped to you, or save the expenses of shipping and purchase this self-healing for getting the Sleep Better as an e-product, to download the Sleep Batter as tracks inside.

      After you use this program for a full month, please give me a report, including any questions.
      i hope you will order this audio Sleep Better self-healing program now.

  15. First of all I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t
    mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear
    your head prior to writing. I’ve had trouble clearing my thoughts in getting my thoughts out there. I do take pleasure in writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Cheers!

    • Lots of ways to center yourself for writing, knowing acupressure. Holding CV 17, on the breastbone and breathing slowly and deeply is very effective. Lightly holding the GB 14 acupressure point on the your forehead, straight up above your eyes on both sides feels so good, and clears your mind when you take a few slow deep breaths. This is both a mental stress management point, a memory recall point, and a emotionally soothing point. This is GB 14 on an acupressure point reference chart. Then outline what you want to write.

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