Holding Lu 1:
Also try crossing your hands to hold this point for "Letting Go" of expectations and emotional holding.

Know anyone who’s stuck, especially due to a loss, exhaustion, sluggishness, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, or just plain despondent? These are signs of an energy imbalance that needs attention. How can your body open up, if its holding pain or your mind is full of expectations?  How can you help yourself if you lack the motivation, support or know-how to uplift yourself?

Acupressure points can help, but when you combine them with breathing deeply, the chemistry within your body changes. Deep breathing while holding Lung 1 (Lu 1) opens the respiratory system, clears repressed emotions by being able to breathe deeply again, and thus releases grief, emotional holding, frustration, and anger. If you are stuck, these Lung points can allow you to let go of what you’re holding on to.

Holding the Lung 1 acupressure points releases emotional pain, numbness, heartache, sadness, and depression by increasing the body’s ability to breathe more deeply and assimilate the vital energy you get from oxygen. Holding these acupressure points while you breathe deeply can release tears and thus free your spirit.  Video clip below.

Lu 1: The 1st Lung Meridian Point called "Letting Go"

Lung 1, called Letting Go, is located on the upper outer portion of the chest, three finger widths below the collarbone. These acupressure points on both sides of your can facilitate letting go of grief, a natural response to loss, which is an inevitable aspect of life. When you lose someone or something you love, these acupressure points open the grieving process to let go and move on in a good way. Grieving is an emotional purification; crying opens the breath, allows you to let go, and renews your spirit.

Self-Care Instructions: When your energy system is blocked, you can become fatigued, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, and despondent because your supply of energy is impaired.  U,se your fingertips to press the Letting Go acupressure points (Lu 1). Inhale slowly and deeply as you gradually release your finger pressure, bring your arms outward, lift your chest, and tilt your head back. Hold your breath for a few second to assimilate the oxygen.  Exhale as your head comes downward and your fingertips return to the Lung 1 acupressure points. Repeat this exercise four or five more times.

Going Further: Use this quick and easy Acupressure breathing exercise as much as you like throughout the day to counteract being depressed or stuck.  Think of it as a great tool, a quick fix. To help yourself further, I recommend practicing the Qi Gong breathing exercises and acupressure points in Less Stress, the guided video, twice a day.  I’ll give you a 30-day guarantee to refund your money, if you try this twice a day and do not get relief from grief, anxiety, depression, sluggishness, or fatigue. I recommend the discounted Self-Healing Package, which includes this DVD and my newest book on emotional healing, for those who want to use my programs in much more depth.

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Self-Acupressure for Grief, Depression, Anxiety and Exhaustion — 22 Comments

  1. I just started the suggestions for depression and feeling stuck, which has been a chronic problem with me. I recently had an event in which I suddenly lost the sight in my right eye. It lasted a minute or two and I fully regained my sight. My doctor said it didn’t last long enough to be a mini stroke. He thinks it might have been an ocular migraine, but I have my doubts. My blood pressure has been a bit out of control tanging from the 120/75 range to 150/85. My doctor wants me to start blood pressure meds. I’d like to try some acupressure for this and to prevent a future episode w ith my sight. Could the exercises in one of your video’s help here?

    Thank you

    • Yes! I’m so grateful to recommend the Acupressure Stress Relief DVD narrated with my voice, which opens the Gates of Consciousness points underneath the base of the skull. Traditionally, the Chinese teach that this point benefits the eyes and actually controls circulation through the entire brain. Its like a gate, to allow healing energy to flow through your head; it’s effective for relieving pain and pressures all over. Spend time daily, practicing the self-acupressure in this DVD. When you can, lie down to relax completely with your eyes closed for 5 to 10 minutes to allow the healing energy to flow. To get even greater results, do the Qi Gong Breathing Exercises in Less Stress DVD daily as well if you want to further balance your condition, cultivate your healing energy, and establish well-being in your life. As you practice these guided self-healing programs, report your experiences and questions on this website, and I promise to give you further personal guidance.

  2. I am highly grateful for receiving your lessons on the Acupressure system of healing physical
    and mental disorders. I am using this system for my problems and it has proved very
    successful. I used this system as per your guidance on my wife, who was suffering from mental
    stress for a long time. She is feeling well now. For this we are thankful to you.

    • I feel uplifted and inspired by your personal stories using the acupressure points. I spend a lot of time creating these articles, to make my guidance as clear as possible. Since you are getting results, its working! I am trilled to hear that my efforts are making a difference in your life.



    • This book addresses 40 common complaints, but does not cover high blood pressure. However, you are on the right track with those pages in the book. In addition, use the points on pages 132-136 also.

  4. hi sir,

    thanking you for sending this information, it is highly usefull for me and helping others in a different situation.kindly send me points for solving thyroid prolems. thanking you

  5. Great article for people suffering from hypertension, other related imbalances, and is beneficial to all. This is a must read article, as it is for all our health. Very useful and informative. Thanks to the author of this website.

  6. Hello Sir,
    I am really interested in learning about acupressure and the various healing techniques. I am from India and was really curious to know more about the Acupressure Institute. Is there anything like the Acupressure Institute in India where one can learn?

    • I know Acupressure is very popular in India, however, the Acupressure Institutein Berkeley, which is close to San Francisco, CA has very special teachers, and well-developed programs which I hope you’ll be able to experience.

  7. Hello Michael and All,
    I purchased the “Self-Healing“packet and was overwhelmed by all the wonderful information it contained. It is the best money I have spent toward my own wellbeing in a long time. Three years ago, I feel and shattered my kneecap – developed a bloodclot and endless complications, which in turn shattered my personal self-image as a strong person. At the same time, both my mother and brother lost their fights w/ cancer. The doctor’s had me on so many drugs, that I have not been able to feel anything. The truth is I have lost almost 3 years of my life. I started fighting my way back about 8 months ago. I was adrift – the doctors who created my nightmare sold their practice and are gone. I was fighting the good fight alone, until I came upon the address for Acupressure.com in an article in “Natural Health.” In Michael’s work, I have found guidance toward a better understanding of myself, and how I can overcome the adversities in my life. The “Acupressure for Emotional Healing” book in the Self-Healing packet is a must have, and a constant read and watch in my home. Thank you ~ Debra

  8. Dear Michael,

    I have my own method. A small bag, say 25 by 25 centimeters, more or less, out of canvas, about halfway filled with chickpeas is a good relief, when putting it between the shoulders like a pad and lying down over it, say for 10 minutes or more as convenient. The rough surface of the chickpeas is a good stimulate. Also applying the same under the sacrum and at waist level too, for back problems, has given me good results.

    All the best,

    • Excellent home tool. Easy to obtain and apply. I think everyone with stress and stiffness should as least try this suggestion. Thank you for sharing your golden chickpea healing bag method. Everyone should have this in their little home medicine bag.

  9. I really appreciate this article because it has an easy and effective approach for a very severe problem nowaday, specially in Pakistan. and I, as hypnotherapist and life coach, trying to guide people how they may cope from depression without using any medicine. Your article is too helpful for me to do my work! Thanks.

  10. Hi Michael,

    Lovely piece, I’ll be putting that point up on my facebook page, thanks for sharing.

    I’m an acupuncturist, herbalist and naturopath (in Dublin, Ireland) and you’re book is my favourite acupressure book – I recommend it to my clients all the time. It’s very clearly worded with excellent drawings and photo’s.

    Best wishes,

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