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I am excited to describe how to use an acupressure point that can relieve pain, depression, chronic fatigue, mood swings, overwhelm, help to balance your pituitary and thyroid glands, cultivate your spirituality, and increase your intuition. This acupressure point often called the Third Eye Point, opens the homeostatic mechanisms of the pituitary gland, the body’s master gland of the endocrine system, which is vital for obtaining pain relief, radiant health, and for counteracting hundreds of dis~eases.

Third Eye Point

Third Eye Point (GV 24.5)

Lightly touching the acupressure point (GV 24.5) known as the Third Eye point can relieve mental stress, an upset stomach, frustration, confusion, mental congestion, and headaches. Hold this acupressure point, located just above the bridge of your nose, with your middle fingertip for a couple of minutes while taking several slow, deep breaths.

Heighten your Intuition, Spirituality & Mental Clarity with GV 24.5:

Sitting comfortably, place the palms of your hands together, in front of your nose. Allow your head to relax forward. Bring your elbows upward while your head comes downward to relax your neck. Allow your index and middle fingers to gently touch this acupressure point between your eyebrows.

Mediate on this acupressure point by putting your mental attention between your eyebrows where you are touching. Stay on this point, with your eyes gently closed, while you practice this movement meditation:

3rd Eye Elbow Up

Inhale bringing your elbows upward and your head rises. Exhale as your head slowly relaxes down while keeping your fingertips on this point. Repeat this deep breathing, movement meditation for two or three minutes. Increase the practice time up to five minutes.

Keep your concentration on this point as you breathe deeply to achieve great results: counteract headaches, ulcer pain, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, mental stress disorders, addictions, and for enhancing our intuition and spirituality. Practice this daily, sometimes twice a day for a few weeks if you are in recovery from grief, trauma, surgery, recovering from an injury, substance abuse, or just want to discover its remarkable benefits.

Third Eye Acupressure Point Praying

Once you actually experience the power of this self-healing acupressure point practice, you’ll be able to share it, and teach it to others. Just follow the above instructions with the slow, deep breathing, while concentrating on this remarkable acupressure point, and you’ll be able to obtain greater peace, spiritual fulfillment, inner strength, and happiness. Once you realize how this simple technique works and develop your own inner experiences, sharing this with others to relieve their pain, health problems, and emotional burdens can become a great gift.

3rd Eye Intimate

Spiritual Intimacy: Give someone you love a wonderful, uplifting experience with this spiritual acupressure point. Ask your friend or lover to sit comfortably, with his or her eyes closed for a couple minutes. Position yourself as close as you can. Place one of your hands over the back of your partner’s head. Kiss the Third Eye Point (GV 24.5) using firm suction with your lips for one or two minutes. You will have to breathe deeply. If you partner is sensitive, suck very gently and lightly. However, if your partner is more intense or focused, then make the suction strong to create an intense experience. Giving your partner this special spiritual boost can uplift both of your spirits.

Imagine our corporate, political, and military leaders, as well as the poor – doing this practice. It’s a pleasant journey, with simple easy to do acupressure points, it doesn’t cost anything, you can do it any time, and each time it’ll uplift you more. Please make a vow to your self to practice this often, to generate healing energy, balance your hormones, to maintain a state of good health so you’ll be able to give to others. This is your birthright, but only you can do it.



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  1. This is the only meaningful treatment. In family, we must try daily. I am going to spread it everywhere. You are wonderful, dear.

  2. Dear Sir – Thank you so much, its really one of the best gifts that I have received to start the new year. Assuring you that I will use it myself and also share with my near and dear ones – so as to continue the path of sharing.

  3. dear sir,

    There is a pain in my anus… its uncomfortable for me… i checked and its not at all piles.
    but i don’t know what it actually is…i feel like the flesh has exaggerated round the area of my anus. Please suggest acupressure points i can follow…

    • Try using the acupressure point CV 1, midway between the anus and genitals, for the anal pain. Also try holding GV 1, which is located under the tip of your coccyx bone. Use both of your hands to hold both of these acupressure points at the same time, to help relieve the pain in your anus. Sending you healing wishes.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this acupressure point. i will do it myself first, practice it and then share it with whoever needs it. FYI, I received yesterday my Acupressure Self-Healing Pack. Thank you!

  5. I have essential tremor or its called familuar tremor. I have found that this is very common. I donot want a brain implant or deadly meds. What would you suggest? Thank you.

    • As long as your doctor does not object, please try using this Third Eye (GV 24.5) point as a movement mediation with your palms together as described in this article. Hold this point between your eyebrows, inhaling up as your head slowly comes up. Exhale as your head comes down to relax your neck, while staying on the Third Eye point. Concentrate on where you are touching — at the Third Eye, with your eyes closed, to stimulate the point most effectively and treat yourself. Try practicing three or four times daily for a month to see if this helps you. Please let us know; this is how acupressure developed through word of mouth, over the ages.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for the acupressure point informations you are giving weekly. Please continue sending informations. Thank you.

  7. Wonderful point! It is really very relieving. God Bless you for giving us such wonderful simple tips. I have introduced this point to some of my friends also and they thank you from their heart.
    Can you give us some Accupressure point for treating kidney stone?

  8. Dear Michael:
    Thanks for your wonderful points.
    My daughter is 18 weeks pregnant and continues to have the nausea and sickness. Is there a safe routine I can share with her. I would be so grateful if you can shed some light on this.
    with healing Blessings.
    Thank you

    • For relieving nausea and morning sickness, use the acupressure points 3 finger widths above the inner wrist creases on both arms. I have a blog post article on this website that both illustrates this point and describes how to effectively stimulate these acupressure points. These points shown as P 6 are very effective for both for settling the stomache and thus relieves stomachaches, nausea, seasickness, motion sickness, and morning sickness, but also relieves wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  9. Dear Michael,
    The Third Eye is really an eye opener. I was just watching those photographs with the instructions attached and practicing simultaneously. It is indeed of immense help. I was looking for something like this for quite some time. Thank You so much.
    vivek trivedi

    • I am trilled you connected with what I wrote about – how to stimulate the Third Eye (GV 24.5). I hope you and others realize how powerful it is to incorporate this acupressure point as a movement mediation, with your palms together. Hold this point between your eyebrows, inhaling up as your head slowly comes up. Exhale as your head comes down to relax your neck, while staying on the Third Eye point. Concentrate on where you are touching — at the Third Eye, to stimulate the point most effectively and treat yourself. I feel so blessed to have the technology of self-care videos, whereby my voice can provide the type of guidance I am writing about here. Since you can simultaneously see the techniques and hear the instructions, the results available on my DVDs can be fantastic, that is if you are motivated to use it.

  10. Kia ora, Thank you Michael for sharing the accupressure points.Very much appreciated.

    Kia ora in Maori my mother tongue means ——-Hello /Thank you /To health .
    ——- Ora meaning Health.


  11. My friend S when stand up his body move like pendulum. He can not balance his body. He can not walk without support of other people. It is due to TB in cerebrum part of brain. But as per doctors, he is now totally cured, but he is still unable to balance his body . His face also looks like paralysed. Could you please suggest any acupressure points for his treatment.


    • In addition to this third-eye point (GV 24.5), use the Acupressure point between the tip of the nose and the upper lip (GV 26) by pressing firmly into the gum for a couple minutes. Also hold the indentations on the center of your friend’s breastbone (CV 17) with long, slow deep breathing. Both of these Acupressure Points are excellent for building equilibrium — both for immediate stability and for long term prevention. Try to teach your friend how he can hold these points many times each day on himself.

  12. Thank U Doctor. You have been very kind to me and others. The Third Eye Point is practiced in India for thousands of years known as “Pranayamam Naadi Sudhi”. A Breathing Technic to be used before starting “YOGA” to calm down Mental and Physic stress and to clean the entire blood vessels and to develop immune system. But now a days the younger generation do not know. We have practiced this Third Eye successfully to prevent ” Bird Flu and Swain flu when this epidemic suddenly spread in India. Even one can prevent “AIDS”. But your way of explaining is very simple and hope it will reach every body in this world. Best wishes.

  13. i really believe (in) acupressure. I have used it for many years. My late husband was an acupressurist and used it on me twice a week. It feels so good to relax, not thinking anything negative – feels happy and healthy. My late husband was good acupressurist and i learned from him, however now i want more knowledge about acupressure. That’s why i am thankful i found this site, to make me a good acupressurist also, he-he-he-he. Thank you.

    • dear Michael. thank u for stressing the importance of third eye point , .in india before starting any puja or yoga practice we r asked to concentrate at third eye point to calm down nerves and for spiritual journey .from now on we people will stimulate this point to counteract hormonal imbalance, insomnia etc thanks

  14. Dear Mr Michael
    My one relative is suffering from sneezing & watery nose from a long time.
    Please let me know which points he has to press.
    IN my case I will follow your given acupressure points.
    Thank you very much.

    • Your dear relative has been eating too much sugar and sweets or fruits or soft drinks. It’s too yin. The sneezing and watery nose is this excess coming out. I had it for years when I was in my early 20s. Acupressure is helpful too, but diet is the first thing to balance for his wellness.

  15. Dear Sir,

    i ma suffering from anxiety with hyperbventialltion ( it nomally trigger after bowel movement) for last some months which is mainly associated with my menstrual periods. i also feel weak in my legs….soemtime it turns to panic attacks.. for last soem day i am feeling tremor, vibration and squeezing feeling in my head which coems and goes for some seconds but i feel terrfied beacuse of this felling. Doctors are not able to undeerstand and want me to take anti depresaants and anti anxiety med… i am a very firm beliver in accupressure and yoga. i have been practising accupressure for last some day which gave me instant relief…. please help me guiding to get the complete relief from this.. i have a 2.5 year old daugther who is still taking my feed ( will that be a problem?)

    please help

    Shivani Kumar

  16. thank-you so much for this information and this blog. I originally was looking to increase my intuition to find the cause of an infection and inflammation in my blood that is causing a skin burn and now clots in my legs. western & holistic practitioners are not able to diagnose.
    Do you have acupressure points that address skin disorders & blood clots?

    • Please continue to see your doctor for the blood clots. Whole, natural foods may be helpful as well. Acupressure can be helpful in many ways but its secondary to your doctor’s care.

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