A 15-Minute Full Body Routine for Relieving Common Ailments and for Maintaining your General Wellness

Learn a powerful healing routine for relieving: Lower Backaches, Shoulder & Neck Problems, Upper Back Tension, General Stress, Thyroid Imbalances, Chronic Fatigue, and Insomnia.

I am writing to give you instruction on how to use three easy, but deeply healing Acu-Yoga exercises – so you can discover the benefits at home. Acu-Yoga exercises are so much more powerful for releasing blockages in your body than pressing a point here or there. Why? Because you’re using your entire body to gently stretch and stimulate multiple points at once, while focusing on taking in the life force through breathing deeply.

Blocked acupressure points in the upper back, shoulders and neck can create numerous health problems – including hypertension, stiff neck, chronic fatigue, back problems, fibromyalgia, insomnia, circulatory problems, and be a cause of thyroid imbalances.

Using Acupressure points to release tension in these areas can enable healing energy to flow through your thyroid gland and rebalance it. These Acu-Yoga exercises press acupressure points that benefit the kidneys and boost immune system by awakening the body’s self-curative abilities.

I recently met a dear friend, who was suffering from anxiety and various pains in her lower back, chest, and upper back. Since her lower back pain was close to her kidneys, and her chest pain made it difficult for her to breath deeply, I encouraged her to get medical care. However, she told me that her doctor examined her just a few weeks ago and found nothing serious. I showed her these self-healing techniques.

There are now well over 10,000 people in our acupressure blog community. Hundreds of you have multiple health problems. Others are simply interested in healing work, and are open to healing techniques that can enable you to live a better life. Still others, have clients that are in tremendous need. I am excited to urge all of you to practice these three acupressure deep breathing exercises twice a day for at least a week or two, to obtain your own personal healing experiences.

These easy yoga exercises press multiple potent acupressure points for healing many common ailments. The benefits of these breathing exercises are comprehensive. To obtain the full health benefits and transform your body’s present condition, you’ll have to practice these three easy Acu-Yoga exercises twice daily, for several months. The key to this natural treatment occurs when you deeply relax for 5 to 10 minutes immediately afterwards – to discover and obtain the full benefits.

To start, lie down on your back comfortably on a carpet or mat.

Knees to chest relieves lower backaches and benefits your kidneys and sexual reproductive system.

1. For Lower Back Pain: Bring your knees to your chest. Inhale as your knees come out and exhale as you use your arm muscles to bring your knees into your chest. Continue for a couple minutes, doing the exercise with deep breathing.

Rocking from side to side in this bridge pose relieves knots in your upper back and hypertension.

2. For Upper Back Pain: Lie comfortably on your back, with your legs bent, the bottoms of your feet flat on the floor, and your hands by your sides. Inhale, bringing your arms up and wrap your arms around you, giving yourself a big hug as you arch your pelvis upwards. Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you slowly rock your upper body from side to side – feeling the pressure between your shoulder blades. Explore which position presses the knots between your shoulder blades that “hurt good”. Hold that position, and breathe deeply into the pressure. Then slowly rock onto another spot and continue to breathe deeply. After a minute or two, lower your body down, and let yourself deeply relax for a couple minutes with your eyes closed.

The Neck Press stimulates acupressure points for relieving chronic neck tension which benefits your thyroid and parathyroid glands.

3. Neck Press: Clasp your hands together behind your neck. Slowly pull your head upward, using your arm muscles. The heels of the palms should be firmly pressing the sides of your neck. Bring your elbows close together, as your head comes forward to stretch the back of your neck. Breathe slowly, and deeply in this position for a minute or two.

4. Deeply Relax on your back with your eyes closed for at least 10 minutes. If you can, take a nap to obtain the maximum healing benefits.

Benefits: The kidneys, lungs, cardio-vascular system, thyroid, chronic fatigue, shoulder pain, lower back pain, neck pain, high blood pressure, hypertension, and more.

To be effective – practice this routine twice daily for a week or two. Be sure to deeply relax for at least 5 to 10 minutes immediately after the exercises. Make this a healing practice for yourself, then inspire your clients and friends to do it. If you want to learn more, here’s the Acu-Yoga Book and the Acu-Yoga DVD to get more self-healing techniques from me.

My Request: Please report your results from practicing this routine under the Leave a Comment at the end of this blog post and on my Acupressure Facebook page. I believe this 3-step routine can balance many common ailments. Let’s create a forum of testimony. Share our personal stories here to uplift and inspire folks in our growing acupressure community.



3 Healing Exercises Combining Acupressure & Yoga — 52 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for all the info you share with us. I find it invaluable in my healing yoga practice, and have shared it with many many students. It especially helps them reduce their stress. I have just purchased the Acu-Yoga book and can not wait to get it!!!

    • You will not wait long; your book will be sent our today or tomorrow, and be sent by the shipping method you selected. The Acu-Yoga book gives you four sets of exercises, including a set on opening each Chakra, and a set of exercises for each meridian – in the direction that the energy flows. Then the book presents specific yoga postures for common complaints, from A to Z. What people say they love best – is the clear breathing instructions for each yoga pose, and the illustrations of what acupressure points are being stimulated in each of these postures. It’s my first baby (book) so I am excited that you ordered it.

  2. thanx for the tips but I want to know how to balance body , how to improve optical and radial nerves.

    • Wow, good question; I could write a book on it – using water therapy, breathing techniques, diet and acupressure formulas. . . it’s too much to write here.

  3. As a senior, though in good health, I find it very hard to get on a floor or floor mat
    and getting up from floor. Can doing these in bed be as effective?

    Joyce Benedict

    • Excellent question; for those who have difficulty getting on the floor, doing these exercises in bed is a good option. Doing them is bed will reduce the amount of pressure and make you feel more comfortable. For someone who bruises easily, or has many aches and pains, doing these exercises in bed is a very good idea. Try it just before going to sleep.

      If you want to learn how to do acupressure in a chair, especially for relieving neck and shoulder tension, I recommend the Acupressure Stress Relief DVD.

  4. Hi Micheal, I very much enjoy your articles and am a firm believer of the results that could be achieved from acupressure.

    A female friend of mine recently had stomach pains when her periods was due but blood flow did not occur. On consultation it was diagnosed that one of her Fallopian tubes were damaged and hence had to be removed. Now we know that with one good tube a person could conceive.
    Therefore, please be kind enough to advise if there are relevant acupressure points/acu-yoga that she could apply in order to keep her other tube from getting damaged and in good condition. Your kind reply will be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • I believe that she could benefit greatly from applying gradual pressure to acupressure points CV 4, CV 5, and CV 6. Also use the Lotus Pose followed by deep relaxation.

  5. Dr Gach
    Thank you for this Acu-Yoga. Fantastic. I think it will work some miracles. I did not practise, yet. Still as i am from India, I think it will work. i will transfer to my patients too

    Professor.K.V.S.Sundaram.M.E., Dip (Acu)
    Tamilnadu, India

  6. Thank you Dr. Michael,
    I am practicing Acupressure since 2009 and in some cases I got tremendous results. Like one of my neighbors was all most blind because of his blockage to the vain to his eye site and he became cured. The eyes specialist gave him final word NOT TO BE CURED in your life time then I have tried with acupressure and he became cured by bless of almighty. Some others are practicing acupressure regularly because they got some results from it. Finally my wife is practicing Acupressure regularly for herself, I said that because she is very hard believer (She does not believe anything until she got some results); however, I am still unable to control my allergy thing with acupressure. I use to take 3 allergy shots every week now. Can you give me some suggestion regarding this?
    Thanks and regards,
    Matin Piker

    • For Allergies: There isn’t a miracle cure for allergies – but acupressure points on LI 4 with Lv 3 on both sides (the four great gates) can give you some relief. If you change your diet, eat less rich food, no fried food, and much more raw and lightly cooked greens along with using these acupressure points 3 to 4 times daily – you’ll be able to help transform your condition to some degree, which can lessen your allergies.

  7. thank you michael for sharing this beautiful video with us.you and your wife did a great job.first and second acu-yoga exercises are easy but the second one is difficult.i will try these exercises and let you know the results. thanks a lot.

    • Here are tips for the second exercise: 1) Widen your feet apart. 2) Scoot your but closer to your heels. 3) Press your feet against the floor to bridge up, with your arms hugging yourself. 4) Roll your upper body from side to side. This should give you a good massage between your shoulder blades, which has tremendous benefits!

      • : It means the energy in this point (and most prblaoby in the whole meridian on which the point is located) is not balanced. Unbalance is usually caused by stress, either a big stress you can single out (moving out, starting a new job, etc), or a long time average stress that is never cleared (by exercise or change of situation, for instance). Try to work the points very softly, but very regularly. They should feel fine after a week or so (even less). If not, consult a physician.

  8. thank you michael for the tips for second exercise.it is quite manageable now.still not perfect though. i am watching your video again and again.your wife is doing it very gracefully.say my thanks to her.God bless your whole family.

    • Since the second exercise is difficult for you – just skip it, and practice the other two exercises regularly to get immense benefits. Thank you for supporting my healing work.

  9. Sir your work is so great, and the willingness to share is incredible It works so well with me i am having fibro mylagia, all the acupressure points said in your articles are painful for me and i am so sensitive and emotionally unstable and i cant accept the fact that i am a good for nothing person i go to work but fails some times dont know what to do.

    • For Fibromylagia – do these Acu-Yoga exercises on top of your bed. Please lightly touch the acupressure points – being very gentle with yourself – and deeply relax afterward. Avoid all sugars. Be patient and continue to work on yourself with gentle acupressure, deep breathing and deep relaxation. The emotional connection with your fibromylagia is vital too.

      • actually i think i imagined it was worse besuace my makeup was kind of disappearing under the eye making it appear worse! Sorry but well so far it has stayed roughly the same not much change. I guess I will keep going. As long as this procedure will not make things worse, then I guess it doesn’t hurt to try! Thanks for your reply

  10. Dear Michael, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you thank you for sharing all the knowledge and help that you do. Since you sent out the Acu-Yoga 10-Minute Routine for Common Ailments & Wellness I have been practicing it once a day before my regular yoga routine and I have definitely noticed a difference – especially in the opening of my hips, release of my spine and the increase in energy and focus that this has prompted. Thank you with all my heart. Karen

    • This is inspiring, wonderful to hear, and remarkable. Thank you for trying these Acu-Yoga self-healing practices daily and giving us your feedback. I hope it will inspire others to practice these therapeutic exercises.

  11. These are incredible. As good as the 5 Tibetans or as a supplement or just by themselves. You are correct! Relaxing for 5 to 10 minutes afterwards in sort of a corpse yoga pose makes these exercises effective. Why is that? Thank you!

    • The deep relaxation immediately afterward makes the exercises more effective – because the exercises open the acupressure points, which enables the healing energy to flow. Deep relaxation lets this energy balance. When you are totally relaxed – energy flows freely. This is necessary for the released energy to re-establish a new balance within your body. Make sense? If so, relax even deeply and you’ll discover the full benefits.

    • Twice a day meaning mnnriog one time and night one time? Can i do it like every mnnriog after woke up once and every night before sleeping once? If i do not get blurred vision at the end of the exercise , does it mean that my acupressure does not work? Thanks for sharing =)

      • Twice a day, any time that works for you. Deep relaxation immediately afterward is a big advantage for allowing the healing energy to flow.

  12. Michael,
    Thank you for your valuable information. May main problem is Hearing loss. At present I c an hear only with left ear and with the aid of Hearing Aids. Acupressure for the Ear explains remedy for Tinnitus (ringing sounds in the ear) but not Hearing Loss. Appreciate if you could explain what I can do to regain better hearing. I am Vegetarian, 64 yrs old and already doing Yoga exercises & also practice the 1st & 2nd poses/postures/exercises shown and also breathing exercises but not acupressure exercises. Pl suggest.

    • If you have minor hearing loss in your ear, then holding the acupressure points adjacent to your ear could be helpful. In this case, you need a good acupressure chart to see exactly where to press. However, if your hearing loss is severe or extensive, then acupressure may not improve it very much.

  13. Respected Sir,
    I am thankful to u and your team for serving humanity and sufferers like me.
    Sir, I am in extreme need of your help for my ankylosing spondylitis, due to which my lumbar
    region becomes stiff after taking rest by lying down. sir, stress releif points taught by u are of
    great help for me,,so plz guide me to tackle my god gifted rare disease. waiting for your help
    faithfully – alee

  14. : Twice a day = morning and evnneig. After you wake up, and before you go to sleep, is a very good routine. If your vision doesn’t get blurred it doesn’t mean that the exercise hasn’t worked! It gets blurred when there is an excess of fluid around the eyes, which is not everyone’s case. Acupressure works on other levels.

  15. Dear Sir,
    I’ve a boy of 18 yrs. he can’t speak yet. saliva flowin continuously from mouth. Hearing n eye-sight well. he can hold with difficulty by both of hands. Is there any wayout thru acupressure? If so I’ll be very gratefull to you.

    • I believe that your love plus the healing energy of what you can give this boy through acupressure can make a difference. I suggest that you start by getting hold of Acupressure’s Potent Points which has 400 illustrations of the points and self-care techniques. I would be glad to support you further and answer more specific questions. I send you courage and healing wishes.

    • Hay, life’s a beach! Do this healing routine in your living room, on a towel in the back yard, in your bedroom – it doesn’t have to be on such a gorgeous beach. Thanks for pulling my leg; it feels better already!

      Try these exercises for healing yourself and deeply relax afterwards. . . I think you’ll be very surprised.

  16. I have Peripheral neuropathy (not from diabetes, but nerve damage), and have not found among the pressure points so far enumerated any that deal with this particular affliction. As we do not know where the damaged nerves are, the pain is all contained in my feet, with burning and tingling especially, along with numbness and associated problems. Is there a specific pressure program for this kind of ailment? How can I get a list of such. And I might mention that all medical treatments tried have been unsuccessful (ie: Neurontin, Lyrica, colchicine, neuropathy support formula, etc) and the only thing that works (temporarily) is Vicodin and sometimes Tramadol. Is there a recommendation for treatment of this ailment? Will appreciate your help.

    • Use a golf ball or avocado pit to gradually roll it between the tops of your feet. Apply about 2 to 3 pounds of pressure. Let me know if that seems to help. Also try to slowly rolling the ball slowly over the bottoms of your feet

  17. dr michael
    million thanks for ur amazing work in acupressure.
    all the viewers reply is the credit for ur excellent work.
    pl. continue.

  18. Thank you thank you so much Michael, just what I needed to do today. I am getting tremors in my head and only whilst sleeping get a rushing in my head. Doctor seems to think that an artery is pinched – so I need further investigation. I am a yoga practitioner, so I had already thought of this by myself, and I have never seen this particular exercise anywhere. I am going to try it on myself. thanks again.

    • I am excited about you using these Acu-Yoga exercises – followed by deep, deep relaxation. I hope you’ll let us know if it helped you and how. I am also glad that you are getting medical care as well.

  19. thank you for this great article, I’m very interested in acupressure and acupuncture, in fact I have an acupressure mat that I use almost every day and it feels great. it has helped me with my sleeping problems as well as it relax the muscles and just make me feel relaxed and full of energy. you can check it out on their website http://www.acupresionmat.com

    what is your take on these acupressure mats? I know for sure that it has helped me, but I’d like to hear your opinion as well

    take care

    Juan Gomez

    • I find the mat stimulating. The white plastic probes are sharp, I think too sharp for most people. They may puncture or bruise the skin on people who are elderly or sensitive. I am glad to hear that you like it and get good results energetically. Goes to show that each of us need different kinds of pressure, massage techniques, and tools – depending upon the condition of our body. You have a stronger constitution, so that the mat is really good for activating your energy.

  20. Acu Yoga is highly effective .

    It activates all the seven body chakras (PLEXUSES) and a person is becoming healthy in a very short span of time.

    The practice of Acu Yoga opens the blocked chakras and there is flow of energy in the body,
    there by a man is becoming healthy.

    One can treat all the diseases by performing Acu Yoga.In Acu Yoga we do Acu Pressure and Asana at a time and its effect is many fold as compared to simple yogasanas

    NC Jain

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