I’ve had good results using Acupressure points for relieving asthma. I conducted an unpublished preliminary research study, which found that four out of five adult asthmatics tested had a 20 percent increase in their vital lung capacity immediately after receiving 20 minutes of Acupressure. The study used high tech equipment at Oakland Children’s Hospital Pulmonary Department.

We also tested the effects of inhalers for a comparison. I was impressed how dramatically effective the inhaler drugs worked. Although respiratory drugs have side affects, where as Acupressure has no side affects and self-acupressure is free.

Acupressure Point: Lung 1

Understanding the location of the most effective Acupressure points for asthma takes common sense. On an Acupressure chart or an Acupuncture chart, look for the Lung 1 (Lu 1) points on the front and back at the level of the lungs to relieve asthma.

The video clip above demonstrates how to find the first Lung meridian Acupressure point (Lu 1, on both sides of this image) on the upper chest for relieving asthmatic symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest congestion, chest tightness, and wheezing. I’ll show you how to find and press the point for asthma relief in the clip.

Asthma Frontal Acupressure Points

The other points, on the front of your body for relieving asthma are below your collarbone, underneath your pectoral muscles (K 27, St 13, St 16). If your muscles are strong and developed, you can press deeply. However, if the muscles are weak or tender, use only a light touch. Focus the pressure directly on your knotted chest muscles, especially were it’s sore. Hold for a minute or two while you take several slow, deep breaths.

Asthma Back Acupressure Point: B 36

The most potent Acupressure point for asthma on the back is between the upper portion of the shoulder blades and the upper spine (B 36). Feel for knots in this upper back area, on both sides. Place two tennis balls on these points, while lying on your back, with your knees bent, feet on the floor or bed. Allow your body weight to apply the pressure as you take several long, slow, deep breaths with your eyes closed. Always relax deeply afterwards for at least 5 to 10 minutes, to discover the full benefits.



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    • The acupressure point Lung 1, illustrated in this article on my blog is good for allergenic asthma. Allergies can contribute to cause asthma. There are many other points for relieving allergies. . These Acupressure points can be found in my book, Acupressure’s Potent Points.

  2. Sir I am very much impressed with your great techniques ,I am now a fan of you, unique and truthful way of tRue guruji

  3. Thanx for sending this msg.i m new to accupressure n it will help me to kno more.my father is also suffering from asthma n i hp it will help him too.thanx once again….

  4. Wow. I believe that my asthma is allergy-induced, and for a multitude of reasons that I won’t go into, I no longer trust medical doctors and drugs. I just tried the upper chest points and got relief in two minutes. This makes so much sense, since I have tried the thymus bump in the past and it has also helped. Thank you so much!

  5. Dear Dr. Michael,
    I have terrible asthma and was having a very hard time breathing. I could feel my lungs closing up and was on the verge of an attack, even as I was using my nebulizer. I found your site and used the asthma and anxiety points. It helped so much! I was beginning to panic and thought I was going to have to go to the ER. I am much better now and feel very relaxed. My peek flow meter went from 175 to 250. THANK YOU. Sincerely, Cinde Malone

    • Preventing Asthma Attacks: I am so grateful that my acupressure instructions helped you. The good news is that these points on your chest are also very helpful for preventing asthma attacks by holding these points for a couple of minutes, while breathing slowly and deeply – 3 times a day.

      I highly recommend the Less Stress DVD – which are a wonderful easy set of breathing exercises – that if you practice a couple times a day – could strengthen your lungs and enhance your whole life.

  6. I came here looking for “bee sting spots” for my severe persistent asthma, as I have been doing bee sting therapy for about a month and a half. These are definately very sensitive spots and I will sting them today! Thankyou greatly for the very helpful information. For those not allergic to bee stings, bee venom therapy is an amazingly effective way to help with autoimmune disease, even MS.

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