On the Path - Ask and you shall receive.

I grew up in Los Angeles in the 1950’s when it still had a small town feeling with corner neighborhood stores. I saw lifestyles change, people became driven and stressed out.

In high school I said to myself, “There’s got to be more to life than this.” During those years, I was depressed on a regular basis and lacked purpose in my life. During one of my deepest darkest times as a freshman in college, I walked up in the Hollywood Hills in the darkness of the night and cried out to the Universe, “What is the purpose of my life?” I listened for the answer and the words came clearly –

“Love, serve, and heal.” I asked what form this should take and the voice told me, “The form doesn’t matter. Choose to love, serve, and heal – as purely, directly, and as powerfully as you can.”

For the past 40 years, these words have guided my life, giving me direction to make a difference, bringing more healing into the world.


ON THE PATH – Spiritual Guidance from the Universe — 11 Comments

  1. I have always been inspired by your teaching. I constantly use your acupressure booklets and books for information. I have missed the sharing of information which you provided in your classes and now I can benefit from this blog. I constantly add new features to my spirtual practice, I try to love, serve and heal. I share my writings, your teaching and the inspiration I receive from others in trying to be helpful and a unifying force in my massage practice, acu-yoga information and friend to the people I meet each day.
    Regards and Best of Health to you and your family,
    Albert Cooper

    • You remain one of my best and cherished students because you have constantly applied the acupressure teachings to so many people, especially serving the elderly. Serving people with these Acupressure points is a rewarding, beautiful feeling — in a world that needs more healing touch to fulfill our purpose and communicate more than words can ever say, helping people along the way.

  2. Michael,
    You are so lucky to have learned this so early in life. I wish I had that in my life, but I have no regrets. I have now learned to live those very words and serve the best that I can for the good of the Divine Universe. I am so lucky to have met you..if only thru your website.

    Thanks for being you.

  3. Thanks Michael for this wonderful website, U r doing a noble job. I have one problem, I have been suffering from this disease which doctors call ulcerative colitis. The symptoms are mucus and blood in the stool, frequent watery stool and lot of gas in the stomach. Due to frequent motions sometimes I get a pain in the legs too. I also suffer from bronchial asthama during change of season. But the most troublesome problem is the blood in the stools. I have been living in Delhi since my birth and I have realized that I dont get blood or mucus in the stool if there is a change of place. e.g. in2009 i went to Switzerland, Geneva and there i was completely alright in spite of the fact that i was eating out on daily basis. Similarly when i went to Kashmir for a week i did not have this problem.
    Kindly guide me with the accupressure points for this problem.


    • Acupressure can help relieve many of your complaints, however, please get regular medical attention, since I am not a doctor. Stay tuned to my blogs, like the last article I wrote on the CV 6, which over time and practice can tone and strengthen your Large Intestine, which may help you tremendously over time if you apply the pressure gradually.

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