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Self-Acupressure DVDs, Self-Healing &
Home Wellness DVD Programs

Practice these guided self-healing programs for stress relief and wellness just 10 to 20 minutes a day to feel better and have more vitality. If you do these easy therapeutic breathing exercises and self-acupressure routines twice a day, you'll increase your life force, vitality and aliveness remarkably.

By practicing these self-care programs over and over again, you'll know them by heart, become self-reliant and be able to do them wherever you are. Our goal in producing self-care programs is to make self healing more accessible -- by guiding you to breathe properly, feel your body, find healing pressure points, and give you the proper timing and inspiration to heal yourself at home. Practice these home wellness DVD programs at your convenience, whenever you want.

Self-care books contain useful healing reference sources, but do not provide the inspiration and guidance in real time to practice daily. These stress management DVDs are self-healing programs which guide you how to stimulate the life force using acupressure points, therapeutic breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and movements to enhance the healing process.

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