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12 Meridians   MP3 Program
Narrated by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D.

12 Meridian Visualizations
Guided Imagery of each Meridian's pathway, related body parts, colors, tastes, seasons, behaviors and emotions. A tour of each meridian's route, functions, and traditional associations.

Introduction to Meridian Pathway Theory
  1. Lung & Large Intestine Meridian Visualization & Associations
  2. Stomach & Spleen Meridian Visualization & Associations
  3. Heart & Small Intestine Meridian Visualization & Associations
  4. Bladder & Kidney Meridian Visualization & Associations
  5. Pericardium & Triple Warm Meridian Visualization & Associations
  6. Liver & Gall Bladder Meridian Visualization & Associations

Learn the Meridian Pathways: By playing these instructional MP3 program over and over again, you'll learn the Meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine for understanding holistic healing relationships within the body.
 Visualization e-Program (from CD 1)
$9.95   Item #EA205 (MP3)   
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