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  Acu-Yoga Meditations
     #A-YM CD Package 

Acupressure + Meditation Program
Contains 8 Acu-Yoga Meditations

Meditation expands your mindís potential. Acu-Yoga Meditations integrate Yogic Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine using Acupressure points to conduct healing energy throughout your body. Discover how to free your mind and body to open your life energy.

Learn Ways to Meditate
  • Acu-Yoga Meditations
  • Preparation Exercises
  • Acupressure Meditations
  • Spiritual Healing Practices

Program Contents

1. Introduction to Meditation
2. Meditation Preparation Exercises
3. Meditation Acupressure Points
4. Lotus Meditation
5. Spiritual Breathing Meditation
6. Lower Back Rub
7. Transcendental Sound Meditation
8. Yogic Locks used in Meditation
9. Inner Healing Meditations
10.Sound Healing Meditation
11. Conclusion of Program

A fully illustrated 12-page booklet is included with this audio program.

Acu-Yoga Meditations

     #A-YM CD Package 
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