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Acu-Weight Loss: an e-Audio Program
$18.95   Item #EA206 (MP3)   

The 12 Weight Loss Techniques of the
Acupressure Weight Loss Program

Track #1: (10:50 minutes)
1. Belly Breathing - for relieving stress and regaining full body awareness
2. Upholding the Sky - for rejuvenation and balancing your appetite
3. Digestive Balancing Acupressure touch at the base of your rib cage
4. Lower Back Rub - good for the kidneys, your vitality and lower back
5. Bamboo in the Wind - reduces fat along your side handles
6. Hip Rotations - for reducing frustration and losing weight in your hips

Track #2: (11 minutes)
7. Whole Body Rotations - reduces belly fat and tones the abdominal muscles
8. Spring Up - Stretches the legs and sciatic nerve; promotes a longer life
9. Salutation to the Sun - compresses and benefits your abdominal organs
10. Massage Ear Appetite & Stomach Points - uses Auricular Therapy
11. Knee Embrace - for lower backache, gas, and better elimination
12. Sea of Energy (CV 6) benefits all abdominal organs, especially the colon

These 12 Weight Loss Techniques - when practiced two times a day, are good for appetite control, better abdominal muscle tone, and promotes deep relaxation.

Track #3: Contains 12 minutes of relaxing music to move your body for weight loss.

More Acupressure Weight Loss Program Info

  Acu-Weight Loss
$18.95   Item #EA206 (MP3)   
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