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Barefoot Shiatsu

Acupressure ChartAshiatsu bodywork is applied on a mat, using hand and foot pressure. The practice of Ashiatsu originated from the ancient Buddhist monks in the tradition of Shizuko Yamamoto's Barefoot/Macrobiotic Shiatsu. Ashiatsu treatments utilize the client's breathing patterns and focus closely on diet.


Shiatsu, meaning finger (Shi) pressure (Atsu), is a Japanese style, approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare. Shiatsu techniques use deep, rhythmic pressure on all areas of the body, pressing firmly and releasing gradually for intervals of three to ten seconds. In terms of Ashiatsu, ashi means foot and atsu means pressure. Ashiatsu is a deep muscular bodywork technique, specializing on using foot pressure techniques.

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  • Zen Shiatsu DVD: Learn how to give a complete shiatsu treatment for structural integration and muscular tension relief. This one hour DVD guides you on how to work from head to toe, front, side and back.

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