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Laminated Charts
QTY    Item#        Title  (Retail Price)            Brief Product Description
 C-104  Acupressure Point Chart ($29.95) Full-color of points, 5 elements & 12 meridians
 C-106  Foot Reflexology Chart ($11.95) 11 x 17 foot reflexology chart
 C-107  Hand & Foot Reflexology Chart ($11.95) Contains Acupressure & reflex points

Instructional Guided DVDs
QTY    Item#        Title  (Retail Price)            Brief Product Description
 D-200  Acupressure Stress Relief ($19.95) Ease headaches, shoulder & neck tension
 D-201  Less Stress ($19.95) Acupressure & Qi Gong breathing exercises
 D-101  Zen Shiatsu ($29.95) Asian bodywork: front & back, from head to toe
 D-108  Acu-Yoga ($29.85) 4 Healing Yoga sets combined with Acupressure
 D-117  Touching Emotions ($19.95) Demo for experienced practitioners
 D-301  Acupressure for Lovers ($29.95) 12 lover's points & a full body routine

Acupressure Point Body Tools
QTY    Item#        Title  (Retail Price)            Brief Product Description
 T-101  Pointer Plus ($108) Point detector and stimulator. Battery operated
 T-102  Female Acupressure Model ($49.95) Presents all points and meridians

Fully Illustrated Booklets
QTY    Item#        Title  (Retail Price)            Brief Product Description
 B-104  Acupressure Facelift ($12.95) Facial exercises with Acupressure point stimulation
 B-105  Acupressure Workbook (8.95) Color & draw in the points & meridians
 B-108  Basic Acupressure ($12.95) 50 major points, 8 extra channels & point formulas
 B-109  Reflexology & Acupressure ($8.95) Hand, Foot & Ear reflexology points & methods
 B-110  Interm/Advanced Acupressure ($12.95) Meridian routes, points, pulses & face reading
 B-111  Introduction to Acupressure ($7.95) Demos of 15 points, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, and Do-In
 B-112  Shiatsu Instruction Booklet ($7.95) Illustrates how to give a full body shiatsu
 B-114  Meridians, 5 Elements & Assessment ($8.95) Anatomical meridian drawings
 B-115  Thai Massage ($9.95) Line drawings of Thai Massage instructions & techniques

Acupressure Books
QTY    Item#        Title  (Retail Price)            Brief Product Description
 B-100  Acupressure's Potent Points ($22.00) A to Z self-care for common complaints
 B-101  Acupressure Pain Relief ($24.95) Ease arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain & headaches
 B-117  Acupressure for Emotional Healing ($24.00) Self-Care for Trauma, PTSD & Stress
 B-102  Acu-Yoga: Yoga & Acupressure ($27.95) How Yoga Postures Stimulate Points
 B-009  Acupressure for Lovers ($22.00) The Secrets of Touch for Increasing Intimacy
 B-002  Greater Energy ($14.95) Learn Qi Gong and Acupressure to increase your vitality

Guided Healing - Audio CDs

QTY    Item#        Title  (Retail Price)            Brief Product Description
 A-204  5 Elements 2 CD set ($19.95) 5 Element Guided Visualizations + Acu-Yoga (2 CDs)
 A-205  12 Meridians 2 CD set ($19.95) Meridian Guided Visualizations + Acu-Yoga (2 CDs)
 A-202  Sleep Better ($15.95) Gentle Acupressure & Yoga for Sleep Disorders
 A-203  Stress Relief ($15.95) Learn Acupressure & Gentle Yoga for Stress Reduction
 A-200  Increase Vitality ($15.95) Guided Self Healing using Acupressure & Gentle Yoga
 A-201  Release Back Pain ($15.95) Acupressure Guidance & Gentle Yoga for Back Pain

Point & Meridian Flashcards
QTY    Item#        Title  (Retail Price)            Brief Product Description
 F-101  Point Flashcards ($10.95) Learn the top 30 point locations, benefits, and more
 F-102  Meridian Flashcards ($10.95) Illustrates 12 meridian locations & applications


EB-116 Acupressure Pain Relief ($22.50)
EB-011 Bum Back Book E-Book ($12.95)

EB-104 Acu-Face Lift ($11.95)
EB-121 Wellness & Immune Boosting Points ($9.95)
EB-105 Acupressure Workbook ($7.95)
EB-108 Basic Acupressure ($9.95)
EB-110 Intermediate / Advanced Acupressure ($9.95)
EB-114 Meridians, 5 Elements & Assessment ($7.95)
EB-111 Introduction to Acupressure ($5.95)

EA206 Acu-Weight Loss ($18.95)
EA204 5 Elements ($9.95)
EA205 12 Meridians ($9.95)
EA202 Sleep Better ($14.95)
EA203 Stress Relief ($14.95)
EA201 Release Back Pain ($14.95)

EF101 Acupressure Points ($9.95)

EP822A Distant Learning: Acupressure E-Materials ($59.00)
EP830 Back Pain E-Pack ($18.95)
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