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Back Pain e-Pack
Save 25% Plus No Shipping on the Back Pain Pack (Item EP830)  $18.95
Pack includes the Bum Back Book and Release Back Pain audio.
Bum Back E-Book Release Back Pain
Audio (in MP3 format)
The Bum Back Book presents holistic integrative methods such as breathing techniques, visualizations, meditations, acupressure, yoga postures, and reflexology to relieve sciatica and back pain.
Release Back Pain Audio Program, narrated by Michael Reed Gach, provides back care exercises to strengthen the abdomen, gently stretch back muscles for improving their tone, and lessen susceptibility to back pain.
With the six audio tracks, you'll get illustrations of all the Release Back Pain techniques, so you can discover greater spinal flexibility and back pain relief that can be practiced easy at home, any time.
Save 25% Plus No Shipping on the Back Pain Pack (Item EP830)  $18.95

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